About Twisted Haven

Twisted Haven is a level 25 (GMT+8) guild on the Dath'Remar realm. We formed up in Apr 2012. Our raid teams are currently people from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia.

Twisted Haven employs a mix of Mumble and Channel chat (to begrudgingly accommodate those of us robbed of our vocals) to communicate, or more often than not bicker during raid. Be warned that upon joining the channel you will be inundated in a torrent of absolute weirdness, with a splash of vulgarity and a hearty dose of humour.


Wednesday - 9pm-12am GMT+8 (11pm Server Time)
Thursday - 9pm-12am GMT+8 (11pm Server Time)
Monday - 9pm-12am GMT+8 (11pm Server Time)
(Raid will start at 12am server time when DST starts)

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Recruitment: CLOSED

We are currently recruiting to expand our roster to 25m in preparation of 20m mythic raiding in WoD.

Here at Twisted Haven we (well the vast majority of us) try not to take raiding too seriously. Raids tend to be light-hearted and fun! Unless Greyhowl forgets his medication, Kaylu gets static on the transceiver implanted in his brain or Vyera’s hormones become imbalanced again.

If you are interested in joining us, please pst Mycra (Arzelia#1181), Kopic (Sin#1610) in-game.

- For casual members, please apply to website and use the launch code provided in the Guild tab (Info) in-game to bypass the form meant for raider applications.
- It should take a day or two for the forum admins / moderators to approve. After which, you should be able to access the forums.
- If you have any trouble accessing the forums, please pst any officer.

Guild News

No News Is Currently Available

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